UF Health Events

PDF Version – UF Health Event Policies

Events are regularly occurring items at the Health Science Center. The Senior Vice President for Health Affairs (SVPHA) acknowledges the expertise and experience in event planning at the level of the colleges and centers and at the level of departments. For events that are entirely “internal,” the office of SVPHA is available for consultation as needed. For events that involve any or all of the below factors, the office of the SVPHA should be included in the event-planning process. Should one of these factors evolve during the planning process the Office of the SVPHA should be contacted at that point and briefed on the planning progress up to that point.

Qualifying event factors:

  1. The event involves senior HSC/UF Health and/or UF Leadership
  2.  The event involves major gift announcements
  3.  The event involves a fundraising component
  4.  The event involves a media component
  5.  The event involves a groundbreaking, ribbon-cutting, dedication, or naming
  6.  The event involves high-profile community involvement

General event guidelines:

  • Invitations to the University President to attend an event need to be approved by the Office of the SVPHA prior to being extended.
    • Requests should be submitted using the appropriate form.
  • Invitations to community and political leaders should be approved by the Office of the Vice President for Community Relations.
    • Once approved, these invitations should be approved by the Office of the SVPHA before being extended.
  • Invitation wording and design should be approved by the UF Health Communications.
  • An approved invitation to the University President to speak at an HSC event will be extended to the UF President by the SVPHA, unless otherwise determined by the SVPHA.
  • A detailed summary of other speakers and topics should be submitted to the appropriate dean (and/or center/institute director) and SVPHA.
  • Speaker line-ups and topics should be approved by the appropriate dean and/or center/institute director. As a guideline, formal programs should be no longer than 45 minutes in their entirety.
  • Talking points from each speaker should be shared with the other speakers a minimum of 3-5 days prior to the event in order to eliminate duplication of messages.
    • The sharing of talking points should be coordinated through UF Health Communications, which is available to help craft and review such talking points.
  • All event-related collateral materials must be approved by UF Health Communications.
    • A sample listing of these materials are below (not limited to this list):
      • Save-the-date announcements
      • Formal invitations (both printed and electronic)
      • Event signage
      • Event programs
      • Event nametags
      • Event posters
      • Solicitation piece
  • All multimedia pieces (i.e., videos, slideshows, PowerPoint presentations) must be approved by UF Health Communications
    • To ensure timely production and cost-effectiveness, UF Health Communications should be contacted in the conceptualization phase of the multimedia project.
  • Any fundraising activities in association with an event should be cleared through UF Health Development, which will coordinate with the Office of the Vice President of Development and Alumni Affairs, to ensure compliance with University of Florida Foundation (UFF) policies.
  • Fundraising for organizations other than UF should not be done at UF events unless specifically approved in advance.
    • Approval should come from UF Health Development.
  • There is a standard protocol through UFF for all gift announcements.
    • Depending on the amount of the gift and the level of the donor many elements must be considered.
    • No gift announcement can be made without consulting UF Health Development.
  • All media outreach and development and distribution of news releases must go through UF Health Communications.

Event contacts:

  • HSC Public Functions Director

Ann Koralewski, MS, CMP, CGMP
352-273-8677 (office)

  • Office of the Senior Vice President for Health Affairs

Mary Vallianatos, MSc, MPA, Executive Assistant
352-733-1700 (office)

  • UF Health Communications

Karen Dooley, MA, Director, Advancement Communications
352-273-5865 (office)

  • UF Health Development

Tamera Freeman, Assistant Director of Strategic Initiatives
352-273-9620 (office)