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Awards and Trophies

Company name: Florida Awards & Trophy Co., Inc.
Contact name: Bonnie
Web address: http://www.floridaawards.com
Phone number: 352-378-8111
Email address: bonnie@floridaawards.com

Company name: The Trophy Shop
Web address: http://thetrophyshop.com
Phone number: 352-372-8551
Email address: sales1@thetrophyshop.com


Audio Visual Companies

Company name: Everyman Sound Co.
Contact name: Peter Theoktisto
Phone number: 352-373-0788
Email address: everyman84@att.net

Company name: Presentation Specialties, Inc.
Contact name: James Deason
Phone number: 352-870-4033
Email address: jim@psi-av.com

Company name: VisuaLogics
Contact name: Elaine Brevoort
Web address: http://www.visualogics.net
Phone number: 352-375-8895
Email address: embrevoort@aol.com



Company name: Floral Expressions Florist
Web address: http://www.floralexpressionsflorist.com/
Phone number: 352-375-1234
Email address: floralexpressionsflorist@gmail.com

Company name: Gainesville Floral Exchange
Web address: http://www.gainesvillefloralexchange.net/
Phone number: 352-338-9338

Company name: Prange’s Florist
Web address: http://www.pranges.com/
Phone number: 352-335-0100
Email address: info@pranges.com

Company name: The Flower Shop
Phone number: 352-371-2469
Email address: theflowershopgainesville@yahoo.com



Company name: Alta Systems, Inc.
Contact name: Nita Chester
Web address: http://www.altainc.com
Phone number: 352-381-2534 x116
Email address: nitac@altainc.com

Company name: American Solutions for Business
Contact name: Dave Romrell
Web address: http://asbvaldosta.comPhone number: 352-258-4321
Email address: daveromrell@bellsouth.net

Company name: INSTY-Prints
Web address: http://www.insty-printsonline.com/
Phone number: 352-373-7547
Email address: don@insty-printsonline.com

Company name: Renaissance Printing
Contact name: Trish Mader
Web address: http://www.renaissance-printing.com/
Phone number: 352-372-2233
Email address: service@renaissance-printing.com

Company name: StorterChilds Printing
Web address: http://www.storterchilds.com
Phone number: 352-376-2658
Email address: sales@storterchilds.com

Company name: Target Copy
Web address: http://target-copy.com/
Phone number: 352-376-3826
Email address: service@targetcopy.com


Promotional Companies

Company name: American Solutions for Business
Contact name: Dave Romrell
Web address: http://asbvaldosta.com
Phone number: 352-258-4321
Email address: daveromrell@bellsouth.net

Company name: Marketing Mud
Contact name: Scott Schroeder
Web address: http://marketingmud.com
Phone number: 352-275-5955
Email address: scotts@marketingmud.com


Rental Companies

Company name: Beautiful Moments
Web address: http://www.beautifulmomentsparty.com
Phone number: 352-307-8180
Email address: info@beautifulmomentsparty.com

Company name: Party Time Rentals
Web address: http://www.partytimerentals.us/
Phone number: 352-373-8596
Email address: info@partytimerentals.us

Company name: Porta Potty Rental Guide
Web address: https://www.portapottyrentalguide.com/locations/florida/

Company name: PRE Event Resources
Web address: https://www.pre-events.com/
Phone number: 352-375-2222
Email address: hello@theeventgrouprentals.com


Specialty Printing

Company name: The Creative Workshop
Web address: http://www.creativeworkshop.net
Phone number: 352-376-7204
Email address: jerry@creativeworkshop.net


Transportation Companies

Company name: Candies Limousine
Web address: http://www.candieslimo.com/
Phone number: 352-332-4334
Email address: sales@candieslimo.com

Company name: Fabulous Coach Lines
Web address: http://www.fabulouscoach.com/
Phone number: 877-463-2285
Email address: Fabulous@fabulouscoach.com

Company name: Gotcha Ride
Contact name: Sean Flood
Web address: http://www.thegotcharide.com/
Phone number: 404-759-3929
Email address: sean@thegotchagroup.com


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